The Story Starts!

Saving Dallas.

The spark, the kindle, the fiery passion. How did Dallas find herself in a situation where she even needed saving? Why Luke? The answer is the fuel that flames the passion.

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Did She Really Do It?

Making the Cut

She found herself doing things she never thought she could or sometimes even should? If she makes the cut will it all be worth it?

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Will the passion last forever?

Saving Dallas Forever

Fire burns between Luke and Dallas! But is it fire from passion or anger? What does Forever really mean?

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Welcome to my blog! You guys are awesome and I f*&@%(#g love you!

Kim Jones the Author

The Author!

When people ask “Who is Kim Jones?” here is some of the stuff I’m likely to say.  Call it it the Kim Jones credo if you will!

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The Books

Looking for a synopsis of each of my books?  Here’s the place.  I also have a place for you to get free teasers and chapters of upcoming books.

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Websites made easy

Fun With Kim

Behind all the serious, hot writing I really do have a fun side!  Here’s a few online games, surveys, and special events for all of you to have some fun with Kim!

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